Janet Langstaff's Personal Recommendations

Janet Langstaff's Personal Recommendations

This is a personal testimonial from Janet Langstaff regarding the wonderful caregivers she recently hired to provide round-the-clock care for her elderly aunt, Dorothy.

The experience taught Janet and her family many lessons about the quality of care offered in the healthcare industry ― and how difficult it is to find honest, compassionate, and competent aides to care for our loved ones. As a result, below is a list of the three caregivers Janet used. She unequivocally recommends all three to anyone needing this level of at-home support. These caregivers do not work thru an agency. Their services are strictly private pay.

Disclaimer: Please be aware that neither Janet nor Lang Insurance Group receives any compensation from the hiring of these caregivers, nor does she or the agency accept any responsibility for the quality of care provided. Hiring any of the listed caregivers is strictly a contractual agreement between the parties involved.

The following caregivers are available on a private-pay-basis:

LIA RYAN - 732.232.6836

  • Ocean and Monmouth Counties
  • She can be available 7 days/week, including weekends and overnights.

LAURA GRASSO - 848.333.4971
  • Ocean County
  • Monday thru Friday, during daytime hours.

DEBRA MACGORBIN - 732.272.4708
  • Ocean County
  • Monday thru Friday, during daytime or evening hours