Pharmaceutical Assistance Programs

Lone Star is an advocacy service that works with major pharmaceutical manufacturers and many independent labs to provide prescription drugs directly to you at very low cost. Lone Star is not insurance. Its plans are designed to defray your cost for expensive prescription medications and other services.

One of Lone Star’s programs ― the Lone Star Assistance Program (LSAP) or the Lone Star Select Plus+ (SPP) ― may be right for you. Scroll down for a summary of each option.

For more information, call Janet Langstaff, our Lone Star Advocate, at 732.282.2700. She's always happy to help.


The Lone Star Assistance Program (LSA) is a new program that assists individuals in applying for acceptance into one of many Prescription Assistance Programs that provide medications at no cost or a very low cost. Once you choose a program and are enrolled in it, you'll pay a small monthly fee for each medication you need. Speak to Janet Langstaff (732.282.2700 x 301) to learn if your medications are available through one of our programs.


Select Plus+ (SPP) is a new program Rx provides low-cost access to expensive brand medications for the entire family―

• Monthly membership fee of $29.95
• Savings of up to 80% on average retail cost of prescription drugs
• Access provided via a Prescription Drug Card for use at a retail pharmacy or mail order service
• Access to Telemedicine healthcare services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, at no extra cost