Annual Reviews Are Easy!

Compliance, Security, and Forms

Whether you're an existing or prospective client, Lang emphasizes the importance of doing a thorough needs analysis and holding periodic reviews.

For your convenience and protection, Lang has implemented secure systems that meet CMS and HIPAA requirements for the protection of your personal health information (PHI). You can download required CMS-approved forms, such as the Scope of Appointment form. And you can reply via our secure email facility and be assured your information is private.

Request a Benefits Review

Submit and Authorize

When we do reviews, we complete the same analysis that we did when you initially met with us to select a private Medicare plan. To request your review, follow these steps:

1. CLICK HERE to submit your request.

You'll receive an email reply with further instructions.

2. DOWNLOAD the SOA form.

You'll need to sign, date, and return the SOA prior to our review. The SOA gives us permission to discuss Medicare-based products with you.

If you have questions, or have difficulty completing the online request, give us a call at 732.282.2700.

Apply for Medicare (Part B)

In Person or Online Enrollment

If you're turning 65, or if you're over 65, not yet on Medicare, and losing company health benefits for any reason, you'll need to apply for Medicare Part B. You can do this by calling Social Security (1.800.772.1213) or going online ( In some cases, you may be required to meet with a Social Security Agent. Click below for instructions on how to apply for Medicare Part B.